Introduction: Opening the Time Capsule

Introduction: Opening the Time Capsule

If you opened the time capsule of my life, you would see that I was born on Governors Island of goodly parents. You would find that I am the oldest of eight and the mother of eight. You would find two breast cancer ribbons--one labeled 1996 and the other 2015. You could look through a stack of twelve published books and various magazine articles and anthology chapters. You would see memories of the Church History Museum where I have been privileged to be a docent for eighteen years. You would see a photo of Richard, my husband of 50-plus years. We celebrated his 75 birthday by taking this nose-touching photo, which was six months before I lost my hair again to chemo again. Shockingly this second time it came in gray and curly. There's a new me and a new normal.

Us in August 2015

The new us in October 2016

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Mormon. I am a Bible-reading, Book of Mormon-reading grandmother of twenty-six and great grandmother of three. Basically that's me.

Now to the purpose of this blog. In 2015 my twelfth book appeared on bookstore shelves. Frankly, it has not sold well because, according to me, I think it is mistitled. The publisher insisted on The Book of Mormon Is True, Evidences and Insights. I voted for "Evidences for Joseph Smith as Found in the Book of Mormon." I feel the evidences are compelling and should become common knowledge.

When I didn't know the book wasn't going to sell well and while I was sick, I did the same thing for the Pearl of Great Price that I had done for the Book of Mormon. I typed it. The Book of Mormon is 531 pages and the Peal of Great Price is 61 pages, but the evidences found in both are equally powerful. So this is the reason for this blog. I am not going to try to find a publisher for the Pearl of Great Price book because the information, I feel, it too important. I hope you find these evidences as ratifying as I do.


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