Table of Contents

Section One: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: Will There Be Unique Words?
Chapter 2: Misunderstanding the Word Translate
Chapter 3: Joseph Smith’s Credibility
Chapter 4: How the Pearl of Great Price Came to Be
           Chapter 5: Seven Distinct Features of the Pearl of Great Price

Section Two: The Book of Moses
Chapter 6: Words of Moses
Chapter 7: Words of Satan
Chapter 8: Words of God
Chapter 9: Words of Jesus Christ 
Chapter 10: Words of Adam and Eve 
Chapter 11: Words of Enoch
Chapter 12: People, Places, and More Unique Words 

Section Three: The Book of Abraham
Chapter 13: More on How the Book of Abraham Came to Be
Chapter 14: Words of Abraham 
Chapter 15: Abraham’s and Joseph’s Revelatory Experiences 
Chapter 16: Astronomy and the Plan of Salvation

Section Four: The Book of Joseph Smith—Matthew
Chapter 17: Words of Matthew
Chapter 18: Words of Joseph Smith—Matthew

Section Five: The Book of Joseph Smith—History
Chapter 19: The Man Joseph Smith
Chapter 20: Joseph Smith’s Vocabulary

Section Six: Articles of Faith
Chapter 21: The Articles of Faith

Section Seven: Unique Doctrines in the Pearl of Great Price
Chapter 22: The Creation
Chapter 23: Creation Comparisons—Days One thru Five
Chapter 24: Creation Comparisons—Days Six and Seven 
Chapter 25: Core Doctrines and Teachings 


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