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Restoration/Apostasy Cycle

Celebrate an aspect of the Restoration by reviewing and teaching  the restoration/apostasy cycle wherein a head of a dispensation receives a glorious vision and teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some people accept the prophets’ words. Most don’t. At some point wickedness fills the Earth and the Church of Jesus Christ with its prophets and priesthood is lost from the Earth. After a period of apostasy, the gospel is restored. This has happened many times. Seven dispensations are listed below. Six ended in apostasy. This last dispensation is different from all the others. It will not end in apostasy. The gospel of Jesus Christ is here to stay and will usher in the Millennium. Restoration: Adam and Eve had the gospel revealed to them. “Adam… was the son of God, with whom God, himself, conversed” (Moses 6:22). He and Eve were commanded “to teach these things freely unto [their] children” (Moses 6:58). “They were preachers of righteousness, and spake and prophesied, and called upon al