Dear Reader

           Thank you for your interest in the Pearl of Great Price and the amazing evidences revealed in its words that verify the truth of the book and provide substantive proof of Joseph Smith as Prophet of God. I pray it will augment your testimony whether flailing or solid. 
          Also, because I am the administrator of this blog, I see which chapters are read. I note that the first chapters have many more page views than the later chapters, which should be anticipated. However, may I suggest that if you don't at least scan the lists of each person's vocabulary, you will miss the startling evidences for Joseph Smith.
          The Pearl of Great Price is a volume of scripture, a precious gem. I truly hope you enjoy learning more about it and especially pay attention to the unique vocabularies of twenty-seven individuals who speak in first person or are quoted. It's amazing!

(c) Marilynne Todd Linford


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